Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21, 2011

So, instead of taking the weekend off from my diet, I'm taking the whole damn week off. Maybe it will kick start my metabolism a little so I can start losing again! I have been weighing myself daily to make sure I don't overdo it too much and I haven't gained anything (in fact, it appears as if Ive actually LOST a pound!) so I'm not worrying about it right now. This never ending plateau is killing my spirit so I need to step away for a minute and just focus on my running before I lose my mother loving mind.

Speaking of running, this insane heat wave is really putting a damper on my running. I have been running on the treadmill and while that is great for intervals and my short runs, it sucks for my longer runs. I need to get outside for those and cant very well do that if its 100*+ outside.

Warning: Geek alert!

I have a pretty close knit group of online friends. We've been friends for over a year and a handful of us see each other pretty regularly since we live close enough. Since we only really get to talk online, it is easy to get sucked into conversations instead of doing what you need to do around the house (well, it is for me anyway!). So, even though I miss them terribly , I have taken a break from the group in order to try to get my life put together so I can stop feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

Yeah, that ^ pretty much sums it up!

While on hiatus I have:

1. Gone on a surprise vacation. Yup, it was a SURPRISE vacation. J had his dates wrong and we got lucky enough to be able to switch our reservation and leave that same day. Molly was boarded and she didn't seem to enjoy the experience. It took a couple of days of being home before she returned to herself and started eating normally again. Poor pooch.

2. Potty trained JD. Well, at least partially. He will urinate on the potty every time but bowel movements are inconsistent. Regardless, he is a potty training rock star in my eyes, especially since he's only 2!

3. Cleaned our bedroom. Yes, you heard me right... I cleaned our bedroom and it took me TWO WHOLE DAYS. I have to admit though, my mother (yeah, I asked my mommy to help and she is doing a stellar job. Wait... maybe that's because we're paying her) and I have done a kick ass job! J actually commented that we could fit a few kids in there. I'll get to that later.

4. Mostly sorted and organized all of the boys clothes according to size and season. A dear friend is about to have a baby boy so I'm going to let her go through everything, then we're going to yard sale most of the stuff.

5. I'm on day 20 of 100 days of running. Yes, I have run 20 days straight.

6. Met one of my college sorority sisters for happy hour. We haven't seen each other in 10ish years so that was pretty kick ass.

Would I say that my life is in order right now? Not quite yet, but its definitely closer than it was a few weeks ago.

Lastly- I am desperately trying to convince J that we MUST have another baby. I think I have him convinced that we should have one, now Ive just got to convince him that we need to get the ball rolling in September! I NEED another baby. Ive always wanted 3 kids and I am super excited to actually have them.

So. There ya have it y'all. My life in a nutshell. This isn't my usual type of post, but I thought I would try to remind myself of the things that I have accomplished and hope that focusing on that will keep my mind off of the fact that my body just doesn't seem to want to shed any more weight. Once Monday rolls around, I'm back on track and hoping to finally see some more results.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011 Part Deux

Sunday: 1 mile
Monday: 1-2 miles
Tuesday: intervals
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: intervals
Friday: 1 mile
Saturday: Long run, increasing by 1 mile every week.

This is what I am looking at for my running schedule through mid October. This week will be a trial run (no pun intended) and I will try to do some cross training with it in order to switch things up a bit and try to keep my legs fresh. I don't want to injure myself while training for my first ever half marathon. It does break the rules of 100 days of running, but I WILL be running every day and (to me) that is what is most important.

So far as my dieting goes, I took the weekend off. I didn't count points and enjoyed 3 slices of pepperoni pizza from Piazza Italia last night after my long run (which burned 736 calories according to my Nike+ app, thank you very much) and I washed it down with a regular Sprite. It was heavenly. I ate what I wanted and didn't worry about it for a single second. Of course, now I have to face the scale in the morning but Im hoping that all will be ok. And if its not? Well, back on the horse I guess....

July 17, 2011

I ran with KF (the wife of a colleague and a new running buddy) last night for my "long" run. It was just under 6 miles and it would have been OK if it werent for 2 things:

1. potty issues
2. my calves

I dont know what it is with my body choosing the absolutely WORST time to want to evacuate, but it never fails. I wouldnt have minded that much if it werent for the fact that I was running with KF. She is a MUCH faster runner than I am and I always try to step up my game when Im running with her. We ended up having to walk about 1/2 mile last night because I was afraid that I would soil myself. We had quite a laugh about it.

The issue with my calves seems pretty obvious. They're tired! Im running every day for this 100 days of running challenge while training for the half marathon and I think I need to re-evaluate a little. After talking with KF (my running guru that inspired me to do the 100 days of running) Im going to switch up the program a little. According to the website, you are supposed to run 30 minutes every day for 100 days. Ive been thinking about it and I understand the importance of the cardiovascular benefits of having a minimum of 30 minutes of running, but to me the most important part is the fact that I am getting out there and running EVERY DAY. So, Ive come to a decision. Since Im not actually emailing my information to the website for an official 100 days of running t-shirt, Im going to do a combination of shorter and longer runs. Im thinking 1 long run, 2 days of intervals, 2 three-ish milers, and 2 short (1 mile) runs every week. Am I still running every day? Yes. Am I still going to make this a lifelong habit after 100 days? Yes. Do I have to run for 30 minutes to make that happen? No. Ive got 2 half marathons coming up that I have GOT to get focused on and my legs are never "fresh". They're always tired and that makes the long run so much harder. Im hoping the change in my running schedule will make a difference.

I will be going to get blood drawn tomorrow for the Dr to check my thyroid and vitamin D. I know my vitamin D had tanked again, but Ive been taking 5,000IU daily for about 2 weeks now so hopefully that will be going up. Maybe we will find an answer as to why Im not losing anymore weight right now. Ive got 34 more pounds to go and really wanted to get it off before I actually manage to convince Jeff to have another baby. I dont see that actually happening (the 34 lbs part) since if we do it, we will need to get pregnant in Aug/Sept/Oct. Oh well... the journey may take longer than expected, but it never ends...

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

I just completed day 14 of 100 days of running. About 9 or 10 days ago I remember thinking, "What the hell have I gotten myself into? My body is angry and Im just plain tired." I realize that was probably just the first wall that I am going to hit in this journey, but Ive pushed through it (as I will any others) and am enjoying my runs. Im not really running far, but that isnt really the point. 2-3 miles daily, speed work 2-3 times per week and one long run weekly isnt anything to be ashamed of. Only 86 more days to go.

My first half marathon, the Rock'N Roll half marathon in Philly is in only 65 more days and the Diva half in Long Island is in 79 days. I will be increasing my long runs on the weekends soon. I havent done a long run in a while so I need to pace myself ;).

The whole point of this blog was to document my weight loss journey and hold myself accountable. I kind of fell away from writing because for a little over 2 months, I havent been able to lose any weight. Im still watching my daily points and Im (obviously) still exercising but the number on the scale wont budge. Im frustrated. Im discouraged. Im still determined to lose these last 34 pounds!

So- basic math can explain the principles of weight loss. Consume fewer calories than you burn. Simple, right? The difficulty lies with determining how much you burn. According to my Weight Watchers calculations, and assuming that 1 point is approximately 50 calories, I should be able to lose weight eating 1250 calories a day (which is what I am doing now). Add to that the fact that 30 minutes of running burns approximately another 250 calories and the weight should be coming off. So, why isnt it??? If I eat any less, I will be hungry all the time. I AM still nursing and that should be burning more calories as well. The math cant be wrong, can it?

Ive been experiencing some major hair loss and have expressed my concern to my dr. He is going to be checking my thyroid to make sure that I havent developed postpartum hypothyroidism. If I have, then that would explain not only the hair loss, but also the weight issue. I dont want anything to be wrong with me (of course), but it sure would be nice to have an explanation for why I cant lose any more weight.

So, I continue to chug along, stepping on the scale and staring at the same damn number day after day and week after week, hoping, PRAYING that the next time I get on will be the time the number changes.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011

Good idea: running while on vacation.
Bad idea: running on vacation after a cheeseburger, french fries, Diet Coke, Miller Lite and frozen creamsicle.

Lesson learned.

Did I go far? No.
Was I fast? No.
Was it pretty? No.
Did I do it? Yes.

And that... Well, THAT is all that matters.

100 days of running, day 4: check!

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

JD is still struggling with a fever that continues to come and go but he is a potty training SUPERSTAR! I just have to brag about how well he is doing with this adventure. He's even going to the potty all by himself now on most occasions. My baby is growing up...

Speaking of my "baby"...

After completing day 3 of 100 days of running, JD welcomed me home in his usual manner. He said to me, "Mommy, can I go run now? I need to get my running shoes!" (His running shoes alternate between his velcro, Thomas sneakers and his LeBron James tennis shoes that J bought for him- I think I need to buy the boy some real running shoes) Once he gets his running shoes on, we head out together and go for a run around the block. He is so proud of himself and I understand exactly how he feels. I feel that same pride when I finish a run (especially if it is a new distance or time record).

Today's run:
2.3 miles
13'04" pace (ouch!)

I have to admit, my body is NOT happy with this new endeavor. It is having difficulty seeing the long term benefits of this new torture to which it is being exposed. As I start out, I immediately start wondering:
* When will this be over???
* How long will it take to hit my pace?
* How the hell am I going to run in this horrid heat and humidity?
* Why are my legs screaming at my like this???
* Why cant I start out with that nice easy stride and breathing pattern? The first 2ish miles always SUCK.

Once I get 2ish miles into it, I think:
* Ahhhh, this is why I continue to do this.

Once I get over that hump, I fall into my easy, even stride... my breathing comes easily and isn't strained... I start *gasp* enjoying myself. When I first start out, I'm usually dreading the run. I'm hoping I can manage to do 2 miles without collapsing. Once I get over that hump, I'm wondering how far I can run before J starts questioning where I am and getting irritated that I'm gone too long.

Today- I never got over that hump. My body was pissed off at me the entire time (and I only ran for time today [30 minutes], not distance!). My body is seriously rebelling against this whole "100 days of running" thing. Fortunately, it doesn't realize that my mind is much more powerful than my body. Ive set a goal and I will not quit... especially after only 3 days! One day, both body and mind will be working together.

One day.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3, 2011

Starting weight: 204
Today's weight: 164.4 (-39.6)

Starting Waist: 41 inches (OUCH!)
Today:35.5 inches (-5.5)
Starting Hips: 46 inches
Today: 41 inches (-5)
Starting Thighs: 27 inches
Today: 23 inches (-4)
Starting Arms: 14 inches
Today: 11.5 inches (-2.5)
Total inches lost: 17!!!!

Day 2 of 100 days of running:
Time: 48:09
Average Pace: 12'47"
Distance: 3.76 miles

My first thought today as I was getting ready to run? "Im going to need to buy more running clothes!"

Yup- that was my first thought. I only have 2-3 decent pair of running shorts/skirt and maybe 3 shirts that I like running in in this kind of weather. I only have ONE bra appropriate for running (those things are EXPENSIVE) and after 2 days of wear without washing, I think it may stand up on its own. And socks. My running socks keep disappearing. Im suspicious that they are getting thrown away since that is J's answer to what one should do with socks that cant be immediately mated.

Dear J,

Socks are not disposable.


I am also in need of:
Accessory pouch/band for my phone (Im afraid Im going to kill it with sweat as it bounces around with the boobies)

Ive been looking at sunglasses and Im thinking I may get some Maui Jim's. Now I need to decide which ones.

As usual, my writing has lost focus (if I didnt know any better, I would think I had ADD).

Now that Im conquering 100 days of running with an old-but still younger than me- friend from high school, she has me thinking about the 100 pushup challenge. Between the armpit boobies, back boobies and "feed your baby" boobies, I feel like I should have a litter to show for all of them. Perhaps these 100 pushups will get rid of all of the boobies that dont belong there? Hmmm, what to do???

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2, 2011

Current weight: 165

Yeah. Im still sitting at 165lbs and, to be honest, it pisses me off. I have cut my Weight Watchers points down to only 25 per day (that isnt allowing for any nursing points) and the damn scale still isnt budging. This. Blows.

So- what am I going to do about it? 100 days of running. Yup. Starting today I will run 100 consecutive days. According to, 90 consecutive days of an activity will rewire your brain to include that activity as part of your daily routine. I started this morning by running 3.41 miles in an embarrassing 41:45. According to Nike+, I burned 409 calories (6 Weight Watchers points) though.

So- here we are again. Re-starting a journey that started 6 months ago. Im taking a new path, but my goal is still the same. I will be the 130 pound mommy.

New measurements and weight to be posted tomorrow... before I head out for day 2 of 100 days of running =)