Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15, 2011

Wow- Was my last post REALLY on August 30th? Now that Im back to school (both work and college) I find that I dont have much time for posting. So... some updates:

My first half marathon was AWESOME!!! Philadelphia is a beautiful city and I am now a firm believer that the best way to see a city is to run it. I was feeling great for most of the run until about mile 11. At that point there was a slight grade to the course and I started feeling it in my legs. I struggled a little bit that last 1-2 miles, but I didnt stop and I didnt walk. My goal was to run the entire thing and

I DID!!! I ran my first half marathon in 2:41. Am I fast? Not by any means! But I did it damn it and that is all that matters! It wasnt pretty once I crossed the finish line though. It was as if my leg muscles seized up. It was horrible and wonderful all at the same time.

Two weeks later, I ran my second half- the Diva Half in Long Island. My Friend Kristy told me that I needed MORE GU!!! Yes, more Gu along the course and I should be ok... no more of that nasty muscle seizing thing I went through in Philly. Now, if you're not familiar with Gu, its some nasty stuff. Not solid, not liquid, but rather some disgusting in between consistency. She advised me to Gu it up every 3-4 miles. SO- 1 Gu before, 1 Gu at mile 4, then another at miles 7 and 10. Well, wouldnt ya know it? It worked! I finished strong and felt frickin' AMAZING when I finished!!!! (3 minutes faster than 2 weeks prior at 2:38) I could have seriously kept on running (hence my decision that I may actuallly pursue 26.2).

So, what's next? 5 miles on Saturday October 22nd, 5 more on 11/6 (maybe) and then another 5 on my birthday. I think running is the best way to start out my 37th year and Im hoping to have a bunch of folks there with me, helping me celebrate. After that, I dont have any definite plans beside training for a triathlon in the spring. (Yes, I said T-R-I-A-T-H-L-O-N)

Now- onto other things.

My weight loss journey (where this whole blog STARTED) has come to a screeching halt and Ive decided that it is time to do something about it. I am going to be on a strict 1200 calorie diet and Im going to be blogging about it weekly again. Its time to get rid of this last 30ish lbs!

So, stay tuned folks and please send me all of your weight loss and motivation mojo!