Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012

It's been quite a while since I've posted and a lot has happened.

I'll start with my weight.  Right now, I'm not sure what it is, but I know that it isn't pretty.  I will wait at least one week of being back on my diet and working out before weighing myself.  I have had a lot of difficulty controlling my eating and I'm not quite sure why but it has to stop.

Now for a running recap.

The half marathon that I was running on May 6th ended up being AMAZING!  We actually ran the Nut Job (twilight 5k on Saturday and half marathon Sunday morning).  I didn't PR (it was close but I had bathroom issues... Port-A-Potty lines were long) but I finished in a good time [for me], ran the entire distance, AND did it without any music!  That was the first time I had run without music and it was great.  I rarely do run with music these days and find it quite liberating.

I ran one 5k, sponsored by Pretzel City Sports, with L in July.  It was heinous.  It was hot.  I had a belly full of pizza.  But I did it... slowly. My friends are so awesome and they usually come to my neck of the woods for races so it was nice to go there and race in her area.  Well, as nice at it could be considering how heinous, hot, and full I was.

I spent most of my summer training for Iron Girl Columbia, my very first triathlon.  Since I had been running frequently (and detest running in the heat), I spent my summer focusing on the swim and the cycle.  I saw a swim coach twice and she helped me in remarkable ways!  I am a MUCH better swimmer due to her input.  I also signed up for the bike clinic with Princeton Sports and rode my bike around the airport loop to train for the hills on the course.  This really helped my performance on those 2 parts of the course.  Unfortunately, it has left me grossly underprepared for my upcoming races.

Completing the Iron Girl triathlon was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.  It was another one of those "things I never thought I would EVER do".  I was surprised with the difficulty I initially had with the swim since I had trained so well and could easily cover the distance.  The problem was that the breathing pattern I had used EVERY time I had swam that distance just wasn't working for me. I felt like I was suffocating.  It took me about 300 meters to switch my breathing pattern and start really making up some lost ground.  I wish I had thought to switch my breathing sooner, but now I know for next time, right?  The cycle went pretty much as I had expected it to.  I knew I would struggle on some of the hills, but I never had to get off of my bike except for the one time I had to retrieve my water bottle that I dropped.  The run was also hilly and I had to walk a couple of times to get through it.  I'm a little disappointed with myself, but now I know what to expect and I know to train more for the run.  The best part (besides running with J) was seeing my family as I crossed the finish line.  It evoked a brief ugly cry, but Im not ashamed.  I earned that ugly cry.  I am also totally hooked on triathlons now.

I am running the infamous A-10 this weekend.... and I use the term "running" loosely.  I tried to run 5k yesterday and my legs were SO tired that I just couldn't do it.  I was so embarrassed and terrified at the same time.  How the H-E-double hockey sticks am I going to run 10 (!!!!) miles on Sunday (with AF here at that!)?  I need all of your prayers, y'all.

Whats up after A-10?  Tough Mudder.  Yup, you heard me right. TOUGH MUDDER.  It seemed like a really good idea at the time.  Of course, I thought I'd have done a better job training this summer too.  These next couple of weeks are going to be brutal, but I. Will. Not. Give. Up.  I will get through this somehow.  It may be sheer grit and the grace of God, but I will find a way.

The last thing on my calendar as of now is the Baltimore half in October.  Luckily I've still got time to get some decent training in for this one and hope to at least come close to a PR on this hilly course.

So, there you have it.  I will update after the A-10 and I will post weight stats again on September 7th.  Time to get my Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea together and get'r done!

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