Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18, 2012- TMI ALERT

Current weight:  152

Yeah... that's right.   I've gained 2 lbs and I'm a bit embarrassed about it.  I am back on track though and hoping to see some progress this week.

I ran the Rock'N Roll USA half marathon in Washington, DC yesterday and had a PW (personal worst).  I was grossly under trained and was running it when I run my worst... right before AF is scheduled to arrive.  In fact, she showed up around mile 9 and the closest medical aid station didn't have any feminine hygiene products.  They gave me a roll of stretchy gauze that I furiously cut with my teeth [in the port-a-potty], folded up and shoved in my underpants.  I was already struggling at that point and the further I went the more sore my abdomen felt.  It was much hillier than I expected [and I never run hills] and I had only run one 10 mile run, 2 weeks before the race.  Not only was a I grossly under trained, but I felt completely embarrassed.  Even if you take off the 7ish minutes I spent in the port-a-potty, I still finished at my slowest time ever.

I'm also disappointed.  Two of my BRF's, L and L, were running their very first half and I wanted to cross the finish line with them.  Not only did I miss it, but they finished a bit more than 15 minutes before me and both of their times [on a hilly course] beat my current PR [on a flat course].  Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit of extra motivation to get some decent training done over the next few months!  This is my current race schedule:

March 24- 5k for 100 k
May 5- Frederick Running Festival 5k (first leg of Nut Job)
May 6- Frederick Running Festival half marathon (second leg of Nut Job, first leg of MD Double)
June 24- Baltimore Women's Classic 5k
August 19- Iron Girl Triathlon
September 9- Tough Mudder
September 22- either The Color Run 5k or RnR Philly
October 13- Baltimore half marathon (second leg of MD Double)

J has agreed to make sure I am able to run 2 short runs after work during the week and a long [relatively hilly] run every weekend.  In between those, I've got to work on strength training as well.

Wish me luck!

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